[microsound-announce] Concerts in Berlin, releases and some reads

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Wed Aug 10 07:46:48 EDT 2011

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Berlin visitors,

In this mail you will find the announcements of two concerts,
a link to my upcoming CD, and releases on staaltape
and some links to my latest publications on my blog.

*Friday 12 August*
Anton Mobin and I will line up
She will be Beautiful

We will play two sets
one based on popular songs of long ago
the other one based on recordings of tales for tapes#7

It is at IchOrya
Oranienstrasse 42 U8 Moritzplatz
and the entrance is *FREE*
starts around 21.30

*Sunday 14 August*
Young Horse Piano
my duo with Angie Yeowell
will perform at
Valentin Stüberle
Donaustrasse 112
U7 Rathaus Neukölln
starts at 20.30
costs 4 euro
also playing
Anton Mobin in duo with JD Zazie
who will *END* at 22.00

*Upcoming release by mathka*

Luc Ferrari
(yes that is the title of the CD)
info here ->http://www.mathka.pl/rinus-van-alebeek-luc-ferrari/

*Releases on Staaltape*

You can kill a pig in July
(interview with Luis Costa in and around the Costa mansion in Nodar)

tales for tapes #7
cut up version of the concerts at this evening
plus a different re-mix on each of the seven copies
-> http://staaltape.wordpress.com/how-to-order-and-list-of-releases/

*Some Reads*



11.August, three concerts at sucked orange gallery ->

*Have a very great week-end,*


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