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Yann Novak

Studio Window 7.17.2011 (15' 00'')
Field recordings and computer

Dossier : http://bit.ly/phSQtj
Download ( MPEG-2 Audio Layer III) : http://bit.ly/rexGkX

'... Each of my works is an investigation into presentation, composition and
perception, not just to be heard, but to be felt. By creating situations the
audience can relate to, a hybrid state is created, existing somewhere
between my own personal history and that of the audience.' (Extract of Yann
Novak's Statement)

Studio Window 7.17.2011 is part of a series of short works created with
field recordings taken from Novak's current studio windows over the years.
By basing these works off a similar sonic situation, they function to pages
of a sketchbook and become a testing ground for new ideas.

Published by reductive music. Original recording available on the website.



Upcoming physical editions:

Christopher DeLaurenti (5'' CD)
EVOL (100 Card CDs)
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