[microsound-announce] New Music at Enpeg: Headphone Science, Enabl.ed & Odori

Dustin Craig dustin.enpeg at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 06:42:23 EDT 2011

Artist: Headphone Science
Album: Raumdämonen
Cat#: EN53

Headphone Science returns with the rather ghostly "Raumdämonen".
Described as an experiment in existential string theory, "Raumdämonen"
organically twists & morphs it's way combining elements of Ambient,
Free Jazz, Electroacoustic & Computer Music. "Raumdämonen" (meaning
"Space Demon" in German) is set in a basis that no matter what
parallel universe (or dot on the timeline) the same evil will always
exist. Just as the weight of Sisyphus' boulder, with every trip up the
hill, will always weigh him down. From the crucifixion of Jesus to the
Holocaust to the American government to the 'Space Demons' in our not
so distant futures, the same evil will always have to be carried and a
struggle with it's weight will constantly be felt.

Also, exclusive to Enpeg & n5Mailorder purchases, a bonus EP titled
"Otto Gross Returns!!!" will be included. A 4-track EP that continues
the same vein "Raumdämonen" sets, albeit a little lighter in tone.

Video for the song 'unsichtbares Übel': http://youtu.be/fmJj6Pi3Ogw


Artist: Enabl.ed
Album: Modules Fail
Cat#: EN52

Enabl.ed finally drops his Enpeg debut titled "Modules Fail" and what
a wonderful debut it is. Firmly rooted in the classic sound of IDM,
beautiful melodics float above skittering bleeps and perfectly
glitched rhythmics creating a sense of innocence corrupted. A sort of
nostalgic futurism; a yesterday's tomorrow. A sound forgotten amongst
the banal ocean of dubstep and such. With nods to IDM's greats,
Enabl.ed manages to walk that fine balance between the familiar & his
own voice delicately grand giving listeners what they've been waiting
for for a while now. An awesome IDM album. A welcome addition to
Enpeg, "Modules Fail" is an exquisite listen.

Video for the song 'arel depiq': http://youtu.be/pQ47bSmZ9bc


Artist: Odori
Album: Gathering Lines
Cat#: EN51

Odori returns to Enpeg with an EP of cold atmospheres & warm emotions
titled "Gathering Lines", a beautiful six song EP rooted in a bed of
cinematic pads & strings emphasized with minimal crunchy electronic
rhythms. Showing her strength as a composer, Odori carefully crafts a
world that feels completely isolated & haunting while at the same time
remaining emotionally soulful. From beginning to end, "Gathering
Lines" is a perfect soundtrack for bad weather & lonely nights.

Video for the song 'resurgere': http://youtu.be/YCVHd1d4Ims

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