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SoundBlog / September 15+20th, 2010 [#388, #389]LIFE IS A COLOR WIRE ('Het Leven is een Gekleurde Draad')
The two statues flanking the old Maastricht town hall provide a striking example of a polarity, with Minckeleers holding fire on the one side (the high, the rulers, the male) and the Mooswief placed within water on the other (the low, the people, the female).Strolling across the vast and empty space of the Maastricht market early January this year at the fall of evening I was struck by this image, and by how the two statues for more than 55 years had been silently standing there, facing one another. How if I could make them change places? Would Minckeleers be able to know how it feels to be a Mooswief? Could a Mooswief then, if only for a moment, become a Minckeleers?
This became the subject of 'Het Leven is een Gekleurde Draad' (Life is a Color Wire), a sound/visual installation on the Maastricht Markt, produced for Stichting Intro In Situ during the 2010 Parcours, on Saturday September 11th.

First part (some history): http://www.harsmedia.com/SoundBlog/Archief/00747.phpSecond part: http://www.harsmedia.com/SoundBlog/Archief/00748.phpYouTube of setting up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjMLIgcgyig
Enjoy this week, then enjoy the next one.-- Harold Schellinx 		 	   		  
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