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SoundBlog / October 13th, 2010 [#393]INTRODUCING RESONANCE - a European Sound Art Network
RESONANCE is a European Sound Art project and network that - for starters - will run until May 2012. I will be monitoring the project. Part of this task will be the editing of a blog centered around the activities of the network. A bèta-version is currently online. 
Besides being a showroom for RESONANCE's activities, I intend the network's blog to become an open resource for reflection on what sound art was, is and may be, and make it into a worthwhile online platform for sound art in general.This SB entry therefore also is a 1st & open call for your contributions  ...
( For timely updates on the activities of the network, follow http://twitter.com/resonancenet )
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best wishes,__ Harold Schellinx 		 	   		  
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