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'A Table!' re-constructed Swiss/Roumanian new realist artist Daniel Spoerri's
kitchen table, the exact way it was on October 17th, 1961, at precisely 15h47,
in his Parisian hotel room number 13, in the Hotel de Carcassonne.
The Re: Carcassonne Table is the duo's principal instrument in a continuing
series of *A Spoerri Table!* performances, that kicked off on May 7th in

A Table! built the amplified kitchen table during a week long residency in March,
at the Ateliers Claus (Brussels, Belgium). Before, Jean-Jacques and myself went
to the Rue Mouffetard in Paris, in search of the Hotel de Carcassonne and room
Number 13 ... Our adventures there are recounted in a four act new realist play
that, together with many illustrations, 2 essays on Spoerri, his picture-traps
& our re-make of his 1961 kitchen table (and - of course! - a great many footnotes)
form 'Re: Table. Rezzing Daniel Spoerri's 1961 Carcassonne table' , a limited
edition documentary booklet, artfully printed and published by Extrapool/Knust (Nijmegen, the Netherlands). Now available! >> http://spoerri.soundblog.net/book

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