[microsound-announce] 11.5.2010 Concert Berlin Paul DeMarinis & Jens Brand

Farah Hatam hatam at drfz.de
Mon May 10 08:57:44 EDT 2010

On 11.5. Concert Jens Brand (D) + Paul DeMarinis (USA) @ 8pm

11 is a single-morpheme name. A monthly meeting in which two sound-oriented artists are invited to perform solo sets with a final match as speculative process.

A series of live performances involving modified devices, acoustic situations, handbag electronics, open hardware, custom software and unstable systems.


ausland- Raum für interdisziplinäre Kunst, Musik und Theorie

Lychener Str. 60
10437 Berlin

ausland AT ausland-berlin.de
+49(0)30 44 77 00 8

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