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This Wednesday!!!!
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Sound and Music, Noise = Noise and Goldsmiths University present:





Extreme Infrasonics

Possession Trance

Form Deconstruction

The Loudspeaker

together electroacoustic legend Zbigniew Karkowski, extreme computer
sound and image artist ILIOS and instrumental and electronic composer
Antoine Cheesex, The Loudspeaker is a trio that performs exclusively
with tone generators and sub bass frequencies.

This is The
Loudspeaker’s first UK performance. You should expect a visceral and
powerful physical sound experience. This show is a rare treat for fans
of extreme infrasonics.


Support comes from:

Lee Gamble

Founding member of the UK-based CYRK collective, explores

abstraction through computer software, improvisation, digital

process, and the deconstruction/reconstruction of form. Lee has curated
and co-curated several music, radio and film events and produced two
series for London arts radio station ResonanceFM. Lee releases his work
through the Entr'acte label, an upcoming release on German computer
music label AUSREIHE is forthcoming. 


Ryan Jordan

based artist working with DIY punk electronics, physical performance,
Pure Data, and noise. He makes live electronic music/noise performances
which incorporate human physical movements and strobe lighting as their
essential foundation. Ryan also curates several noise, experimental and
computer arts events and concerts in the UK, such as hac… and
noise=noise. He is an active member of London based open source
collective, OpenLab; and has released music on Bad Sekta,
Anithematica/CovenH, AntiGen, and NoizMutations.

His work has been
performed internationally at places such as 3rd Pure Data Convention,
Brazil; Piksel Festival, Norway; Royal Opera House, UK; xxxxx, Germany;
ODL and Circuit#1 Festivals, France; and Science Museum, UK. 


Suitable ambience will be provided by DJ Wrongspeed

Wrongspeed produced the controversial FM speed-reading ‘Pirate Flava’
show on Resonance104.4FM. Now regularly DJing in London he promotes the
underground electronic scene with his radio shows "redZEROradio" and
"Decibel Breach." Recently he co-produced the exploratory noise music
show 'The Southwark Anthology of Noise."

17 March

19:30 doors 

Corsica Studios

4/5 Elephant Road


SE17 1LB




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