[microsound-announce] Electret Quintet, 1-5

C. Reider c.reider at vuzhmusic.com
Sat Mar 6 18:05:00 EST 2010

I have recently finished a big experimental project, which resulted  
in three hours of material, all of which is available for free download.

The idea was to use one single drum machine as the sole sound source  
for any given track.  The style varies from abstract-experimental to  
industrial-minimal-techno.  Not a lot of melody to be found here,  
given the sound source limitations, it's a bit more on the  
experimental side than anything, but it does have some machine  
grooves at times.

I hope you'll go check it out, all three hours (in five parts) are  
available for free download as 320k zips and in lower bitrate versions.

I recommend being non-linear and starting with part two, part three  
or part five.  Part one isn't actually the strongest of the set.

Check it out here:

There's also a mix I made on my soundcloud page that features a few  
of the tracks from that project:


c. reider

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