[microsound-announce] 15 and 19 June Berlin/Paris - Tales for Tapes

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Sun Jun 13 07:22:44 EDT 2010

*Dear City Dwellers,

Here Some holiday destinations

Tuesday 15th, 21.00
Tales for Tapes vol3, Berlin
*with Aki Onda
me (Rinus van Alebeek)
and as DJ The Shitty Listener
Altes Finanzamt
Schönstedtstrasse 7 ( entrance via courtyard)
U7 Rathaus Neukölln ( exit Schönstedtstrasse )


Aki Onda states:“When I play cassettes, I always use vintage tube guitar and
bass amps to amplify the sound. I love the warmth and depth of tube sound.
It gives a beautiful, velvet-like texture to the cassettes. This combination
of cassettes and tube amps makes my sound. If they match perfectly, the
sound becomes so rich and organic. These 60s and 70s amps cut the hissy,
high-end and the muddy low end, since the sound of vintage amps is naturally
compressed and has bandwidth limitations, frequency-wise."

read more about this here

*SAMEDI 19 JUIN 2010*

*Tales for Tapes vol. 4, Paris


26 rue de ménilmontant

75020 Paris


*Prix Libre*

*NOX FACTIO <http://noxfactio.com/>*

Duo composed by Elise Vandewalle & Andres Ramirez

Graphical and sound artists in a universe allying drone and noise for a
performance slowly rapes,

or violently soft...

*EMMANUEL RÉBUS <http://fitchpork.free.fr/erebus.html>*

Member of the collective la Générale Nord-Est

and subtle cassette manipulator as musician within Diktat, Emmanuel will
play spectral soundscapes.

(also with Rinus v. A., Hars & Jean Bordet)




*RINUS VAN ALEBEEK <http://rinusvanalebeek.wordpress.com/>* + *GABRIELA
VASKOVA <http://bandzone.cz/electricalady>* + *ANTON

Rinus is curator and producer of the prestigious label Staaltape, cassette
division of Staalplaat

And imminent member of the Berlin' alternative movement.

Recently start a new duo with the singer Gabriela Vaskova, Anton Mobin will
join the end of the set to continue the tale

upgraded by springs and object manipulation.


see you there or elsewhere,
have a great sunday,


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