[microsound-announce] NEW CD // Philippe Petit : OFF TO TITAN (a rework of Gustav Mahler's first symphonic poem)

Philippe Petit Philippe-Petit at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jul 27 07:22:11 EDT 2010


(a rework of Gustav Mahler's first symphonic poem)



KARL Records / Format: CD + Digital (from sept. 3rd on)


Philippe Petit: turntables + electronics

Kumo (Jono Podmore): theremin + electronics

"Post-Classical" soundtrack FOR FANS OF Gustav Mahler – Philip Jeck –  
Bernhard Herrmann - Luis & Bebe Barron's "Forbidden Planet" - Kumo...

In a previous century Gustav Mahler composed a symphony named "Titan".  
Created in search of a work that echoed industrialism and society in  
the nineteenth century. Philippe Petit believed that even if firmly  
rooted into Classical it was announcing what Contemporary music would  
become so it sounded natural to recontextualize, add new flavours by  
having something constantly modern in there.

Philippe began work on a recording of the original symphony - re- 
editing, time-stretching, distorting, filtering. He then sent the  
result to Jono Podmore as a backing track. Who began work with his  
theremin and electronics by identifying areas he could enhance or  
develop or even alienate further from their original form, and then  
set to work improvising and layering new material into the piece,  
mindful of the collage aesthetic in Mahler's work. Jono sent the  
results to Philippe who began mixing both works and further processing  
the result.

In a way reminiscent of "2001, A Space Odyssey" offering romantic  
music in an ultra modern design which set the orchestra in a new  

A little bit like if Bernhard Herrmann had scored the glorious  
"Forbidden Planet" sci-fi classic, listening to the soundtrack, the  
Titan you're heading for is Saturn's biggest moon!

May the stars be with you...

The backing track is now being transcribed for full orchestra by David  
Plate in Köln as both intend to play the piece live: Philippe Petit  
and Kumo on electronics with a full symphony orchestra - it should be  
quite an event...

A journalist for various magazines and radio as well as a musical  
activist, PETIT now celebrates his 25th year of sharing his musical  
passions Pursuing a tradition he had started with his "Reciprocess"  
project, given away with The Wire magazine issue 301, Petit is  
benefiting from the talent of Jono Podmore, aka KUMO, who has been  
part of the electronic scene since the 80's and collaborates with  
Irmin Schmidt from the legendary Can.


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