[microsound-announce] Lars Lundhave Hansen -catching fire | new online ep on con-v

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Thu Jul 15 06:35:02 EDT 2010

HI All,

'Catching Fire' - brand new work by Lars Lundehave Hansen, the 
mastermind behind Danish renowned drone-act Wäldchengarten

"Quite frankly, and I tell you this without any disdain for our future 
relations (should we come to have any), things have been going wrong for 
so long that I can't even begin to point out the "whens" and "wheres". 
Neither will I bore you with the specifics. But as I was - ready to 
engage - this fleeting glimpse of the future struck me like a fucking 
You may call it a vision, but I'd prefer if you didn't. Because it 
wasn't. Because a vision is a short lapse in time that allows you to see 
a possible future.
And this wasn't.
Not at all.
This was the future, no negotiations possible. No blue pill / red pill 
shit. No. This is how it's gonna go down. I'm not looking into the 
future, because I already ride it as it takes the shape of yesterday's 
hangover or as yesteryear's unpaid taxbill. Like a herd of relentless 
hippos the future hunts me as my worst past to come.
And it's not like I've got a skeleton in my closet waiting to make it's 
It's more simply that I lack the ability to adapt to the concept of time 
itself: Like my future actions will collide with those of my past. (Or 
is it the other way around?)
Like me forcing all my differentiated universal speeds to align, only to 
result in me catching fire..." (Lars Lundhave Hansen)


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