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Eric Leonardson info at mwsae.org
Tue Jul 13 00:41:18 EDT 2010

Dear Friends,

I'd like to invite you to participate in a *special project of radio 
aporee* and the World Listening Project for the first World Listening 
Day, on Sunday, July 18, 2010.

Radio aporee is an open project about the creation and exploration of 
public space. Its creator, Udo Noll asks you for help in creating an 
"audio snapshot of the world" as heard and recorded on World Listening 
Day. Aporee maps uses the Google maps interface to allow anyone to 
easily find their location on the map, then upload their audio via the 
web or mobile phone.

We're inviting you to send an audio recording from your actual location, 
or other places of your interest on this day to the maps: 

With your contributions collected on World Listening Day, Udo will then 
create a dedicated project page on the aporee map. As Udo says, 
",Ķbesides having a nice documentation, I'm really intrigued by the 
idea of listening to the sounds of a particular day, around the 
world...." I'm very curious about what will happen, too.

*Specifications for uploading*

WEBSITE: http://aporee.org/maps/

FORMAT: mp3, 128-320 kbit, 44.1 or 48 kHz (for best audio quality, we 
recommend bitrates of 224, 256 or 320 kbps)

FILE SIZE: max. 25 MB

PLEASE NOTE: Contributors should type a tag "WLD" or "world listening 
day" in the keywords field, so that it can be found by searches.

Please be patient while uploading, depending on your connection this may 
take a while.

Below are *basic instructions* on how to send sounds (upload) to the 
radio aporee soundmap at _http://aporee.org/maps/_

   1. You don't need a login in order to participate, just a valid email
   2. Find the location of your audio on the map and click on it
   3. A small pops open that says "new place, add recording" with three
      choices: upload sound, fetch sound from URL, and phone call.
   4. Select whichever method you're using to upload, navigate to the
      file if it's on your computer, fill in the form fields for info
      and email address, then click "ok"
   5. Once your audio file has uploaded to the aporee server, check your
      email for a message from radio aporee
   6. In the message you are provided with a link to confirm and edit
      the info about your audio submission, please remember to TAG YOUR
      SUBMISSION: "world listening day" and/or "WLD"
   7. Once that's done your sound will appear on http://aporee.org/maps/.

Questions? Contact: radio at aporee.org or visit the Help & How-to 
<http://aporee.org/maps/info/forum/?CategoryID=2> on radio aporee page.


The purposes of World Listening Day are:

    * To celebrate the practice of listening as it relates to the world
      around environmental awareness, acoustic ecology, and us
    * To raise awareness about issues related to the World Soundscape
      Project <http://www.sfu.ca/%7Etruax/wsp.html>, World Listening
      Project <http://www.worldlisteningproject.org/>, World Forum for
      Acoustic Ecology
      <http://interact.uoregon.edu/MediaLit/WFAE/home/>, including
      individual and group efforts to creatively explore phonography
    * To design and implement educational initiatives which explore
      these concepts and practices


You'll find the press release and further information on world Listening 
Day at http://www.worldlisteningproject.org/?p=667


All the best,

Eric Leonardson, founder
Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology (MSAE)
Email: info at mwsae.org
Web: http://mwsae.org
WLP web: http://www.worldlisteningproject.org
Skype: worldlistening
Mobile: 773-218-5796

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