[microsound-announce] Brazilian noise performance - London 07/07/10

Ryan Jordan ryan-jordan at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Jul 5 09:04:07 EDT 2010

noise=noise & A10Lab present:


Wednesday 7th July

Limehouse Town Hall

646 Commercial Road

London E14 7HA


register for this event here = http://www.eventbrite.com/event/706921421




brief description:

Brazilian noise projects -notyesus> and Simbiotecnoise presents their brand of droning noise.


(meaning a contraction of not, yes, and the suspension of all
judgement- sus) specializes in high amplitude, vertical time, droning
noise compositions with improvised sections. 

Simbiotecnoise is
a Brazilian noise group, focused on noise as a way to modulate
cognitive and sensory patterns. The name Simbiotecnoise should be
understood as a neologism, joining the words/ideas Symbioses, Biology,
Technology and Noise. For the Kings' Arms gig Simbiotecnoise will
perform a piece named "Tectonic, Windy and Vulcanic/Primitive Seas:
Life" (by Pereira, Fawcett, Caron, Sarpa and Castanheira). On this
occasion, Simbiotecnoise will be performing a composition entitled
“Tectonic, Windy and Vulcanic/ Primitive Seas: Life”

J.-P. Caron
(aka Jean-Pierre Caron) was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1982. He is
active on both the contemporary classical and noise scenes, creating
music for acoustic instruments and electronic means, as well as
improvising on the piano, laptop or electronic keyboard. He studied
musical composition at Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
(Unirio) and is getting his masters degree in philosophy at
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). Next semester he begins
his doctoral studies as a collaborative project between University of
São Paulo (USP) and University of Paris 8 about philosopher
Wittgenstein and the idea of rule- following as applied to musical (or
sound) performances. Philosophy of perception, language, and the
ontology of musical works and performances are some of the main
subjects of his studies and interests. Musically he’s most interested
in the way music shifts our perception of time, and all of his work
somewhat deals with that. Other main interest is in extremities both
physical and aesthetic, which he encountered in the noise/industrial
and metal scenes. This branch of his work is conducted foremost in his
electroacoustic industrial duo -notyesus>, with his friend Rafael
Sarpa. Microtonality and psychoacoustic effects are also important
features to be found in his output.

weblink: www.myspace.com/jpccaron


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