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January 21-22-23.10

The Calendar Project: A year-long, site-specific performance series
created by Tedi Tafel

Calendar is a year-long, in situ performance series starting in January
2010 comprised of 12 events – one a month for the entire year. The series
draws its inspiration from the seasonal shifts and cycles of the natural
world. Each event is closely tied to the time of year in which it will be
presented. Calendar takes a variety of forms from the discrete to the
elaborate, and will be shown in a diverse array of spaces in Montreal
including an industrial warehouse, a backyard garden and an alleyway.

Events vary in length lasting anywhere from mere minutes to several hours
occurring at different times of the day. All events are free.
calendarproject.ca will be updated and disseminated monthly announcing
future events and documenting past ones through images, text and sound.

WHEN: . . . . . January 21-23 between 6 and 9 p.m.
WHERE: . . . . . Espace Jean Brillant
661 Rose de Lima
Montreal, Quebec
(near metro Lionel Groulx)


we enter this wintery space and are stilled
a time of no time, of shadow, hibernation, dream and memory
life is underground, slowed right down
images emerge out of the cold, at times only barely perceptible and light
reaches through the darkness

(Tedi Tafel)

This collaborative performance takes the form of a moving installation
blending dance, sound, light and video projections. The work will be shown
for 3 hours. The public is invited to come and go as they please and to
move around the space as they wish. Admission is free.


Conception/Direction/Video Images: Tedi Tafel
Performance: Leslie Baker, Bill Coleman, Dean Makarenko, Lin Snelling
Sound Environment: Monique Jean, i8u (France Jobin)
Lighting: Yan Lee Chan
Technical Assistance (video): Jonathan Inksetter

for more info: calendarproject.ca

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