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Title: Physical, Absent, Tangible
Artists: i8u, Christopher DeLaurenti, Gil Sansón, Brian Mackern with Gabriel
Cat#: ce.cd_0001
Edition: 150
Format: CDR / Taiyo Yuden
Releasing date: February 2010
United States: $10
International: $13
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Contour Editions is pleased to present its first material sound-based
release, titled Physical, Absent, Tangible. This project's concept began as
an invitation to have artist-composers, i8u, Christopher DeLaurenti, Gil
Sansón, and Brian Mackern with Gabriel Galli, focus on an object or event
that was once discernible but no longer concretely present, so as to be only
tangible by memory, previous recordings, and/or imagination. All the pieces
commonly share a strong aesthetic, sonic, and material connection and each
track is archetypal of its own condition, evocative of the in-between
immaterial spaces and phenomenology. Listening to this work leads us to
think of the creator's investigation of issues of material, space, process,
narrative, perception, and sensorial touch. Nonetheless, each track's
relationship with limitations of sonic output, sonic arena and horizon, and
attentiveness to sonic details, brings us close to the ceiling of our ears
and the inner walls that delimit sonic space or expands it. Therefore, it is
fascinating how each artist explores and pushes the boundaries of sonic
existence by challenging our ability to maintain attention and interest to
listening. These works are enriched with sonic particles, drones, textures,
and processes arriving to reductive structures of sonic constructions. They
should be appreciated at a specific value of amplitude. I don't see this as
a restriction; instead I see this as a very focused and considerate
invitation to the listener to experience a unique encounter of meta-residues
of sound crafted to accurate purpose.

i8u: "Recently, I find my attention being drawn to the space unoccupied by
sound. This area is ignored by most and some might say it isn't music. In
attempting to explain this new focus, I feel more at ease using physics as
analogy.  The explanation of the atom and the void never really caught my
imagination.  The definition of "the void" always seemed to be dogmatic and
impossible.  String theory and quantum physics have been a great source of
inspiration to me as non existence from our perspective, is no longer the
void, but an inter-dimensional mathematical world that our limited 3
dimensional existence has never trained us for. Non-existence is no longer
solely defined as the void."

Christopher DeLaurenti: "Most of my acousmatic works on compact disc are
finished versions of pieces that I no longer perform live. Both Sigil and
Nictating were created with familiar techniques: software-based generation,
processing (such as distortion, phase-based compression, spectral
inscription, data-bending), and layering as well as with aging and
malfunctioning equipment."

Gil Sansón: "This work is a reconstruction of sorts, using single sounds and
groups of sounds in apparent random mode, not unlike reconstructing a long
forgotten event by means of old photographs, newspaper, super 8 films, maps
and the like. These are works based on field recordings and sound files that
I have been collecting for some years now and that whose origin I cannot
determine. Random playing is encouraged."

Brian Mackern & Gabriel Galli: "This work is the result of a performance
installation based on electromagnetic interferences caused by The Santa Rosa
Storm in Uruguay. Methods employed to achieving the work were such as
circuit bending, body contact, hardware hacking, and radio-static waves, and
real-time signals of radio and telegraphy. We made this piece possible with
the additional technical help of the radio-telegrapher: Oscar "Canario"
Sanchez" while we manipulated a specific atmospheric sonic field with the
intention of recreating the electrostatic presence of the Santa Rosa Storm."

info at contoureditions.com


NOW OUT on Contour Editions: Physical, Absent, Tangible

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