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Thu Feb 18 12:12:57 EST 2010

Hello all!

Here´s some info about the new Sustainer Ep released on Escala Netlabel
You can listen to/download it for free here (.mp3/.ogg):



1.- Vértice #1
2.- Vértice #2
3.- Vértice #3

artwork : noi

Vértice is the new work from Alex Alarcón under his Sustainer alias. After
publishing as a producer with various works focusing on the dancefloor
during his early years, it´s wasn’t until 2008, that he showed a growing
interest in the more minimalist experimental side. Currently centered in the
study of random-self generated sounds with modular systems, acustic
instruments, and field recordings. Alex debuts for escala NetLabel with a
subtle work closer to 12K label aesthetic with the help of Giuseppe Ielasi
at the mastering process. These three new tracks suppose a breath of fresh
air to our catalogue and confirms Sustainer as an authentic value inside the
current spanish electronic scene.

sustainer: nord modular G1, guitar, loop pedals, field recordings

thanks for listening
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