[microsound-announce] New @ Stasisfield: Simon Whetham's Active Crossover

John Kannenberg john at stasisfield.com
Mon Feb 15 06:09:01 EST 2010

The biggest Stasisfield release ever - two hours of experimental sound!

Now available:

Douglas Benford
Jez Riley French
Iris Garrelfs
Joined by Wire
Silver Stairs of Ketchikan
Alexander Thomas
and Simon Whetham




The UK's ever-prolific Simon Whetham's exhibition project Active  
Crossover [http://www.activecrossover.co.uk] presents sound work by  
Whetham, other artists he met while in residence in Tallin, Estonia,  
and works of students who attended Whetham's workshops during his  
residency. The exhibition's opening and closing featured a series of  
collaborative live performances between Whetham and the other artists,  
which this release documents. A series of live duets, these  
performances feature an array of sonic approaches by some of the UK's  
finest contemporary sound artists including Douglas Benford, Jez Riley  
French, Iris Garrelfs, Joined by Wire, Silver Stairs of Ketchikan and  
Alexander Thomas.

Thanks for listening,


John Kannenberg

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