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emma ryan dindintonight at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 19:01:44 EST 2010

Dear Reader
*Ern Malley Records* invite you to submit some of your spoken words (insight
& absolute or absent intellectual display! dead air too!) you can use sounds
too, as a special present to the newest *fabel label* devised by and for
cipher wizards. We don't mind what you share, but do share. We like to ask
for true feelings or refusal of them, fantasy (live to tell the story, we
know fantasy is HIGH RISK) or whatever you feel. You may like to listen to
Charlottes 'pearls before the swine' sessions for example.
Files can be sent as MP3's to ernmalleyrecords at gmail.com and submissions
posted at this stage on the only public record storage system at present,
the Ern Malley Myspace. Information on the title of this group (Ern Malley)
can be found at http://www.ernmalley.com/index.html

EMR, in Australia

(Sorry Joel we weren't sure how to get to your mail-out sent this via your
otherfilm email)
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