[microsound-announce] Berlin 18 dec: cosy and wild and unique: concerts and exhibit and dj's

rinus van alebeek rinusfiles at gmail.com
Thu Dec 16 06:02:46 EST 2010

dear friends of fine music and snow balls,

This coming saturday on 18 December will see
the last evening of the year of concerts and other fruitful
entertainments at staalplaat store and basement.

*exhibition from 19.00 onwards* plus top floor dj's to warm heart and soul.

*from 21.12* *onwards two really great concerts*
in the basement by
Le Petit Mignon veterans
Ranz Runolff Runge (various tape players)
and a surprising and very promising collaborative moment between
Ruben Patiño and Seiji Morimoto.

admission is restricted to 50 persons,
reservations via binnen at staalplaat.com
or directly at the shop.

full story: http://staalplaat.wordpress.com/2010/11/29/18-december/

Have a great week-end,


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