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SoundBlog / Dec. 03, 2010 [#396 - sbpc43]STRP S K7 HISSSS
Right in the middle of the former heart of electronics multinational Philips, as part of one of a zillion STRP-festival events, we hisssssed our cassette memories (in this entry's podcast: listen to a brilliant extract from Alien Brains' "Der Blaunk Teps" -1980). We met up with veterans from the Dutch DIY cassette scene of the 1980s. We marveled at the wondrous sounds of Prezlav, Tapetronic, Wouter van Veldhoven en Aki Onda. And we almost shook hands with Ir. Lou Ottens, now 83 years old, the undisputed inventor of not only the compact cassette, but also of the compact disc...
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"We do not know who invented the wheel, but we do know who invented the subroutine: it wasStanley Gill during his early days at Cambridge."
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