[microsound-announce] For Sale: Doepfer A-100

isjtar list at isjtar.org
Wed Dec 1 06:05:11 EST 2010


I've been hesitating for a long while to sell this system. I hardly ever use it in my workflow. The unit is in excellent condition. It stood in a smoke free studio, there are no scratches, broken pots, nothing fishy. It's new except for the fact that I bought it a couple of years ago.
It's a Doepfer A-100 system, a 6U rack consisting of a small basic system in the upper row, some extra utilities and esoteric modules in the second row.
Please make an offer, large groups of modules get a discount and preference. The price is 75% of list price, in euro:
6U basic frame, 220V					277,5

A 190 Midi to CV interface				120
A 118 Noise 							45
A 110 VCO							105
A 110 VCO							105
A 114 Dual Ringmod					52,5
A 138b Mixer						33,75			
A 120 24dB LP (Moog Type)			67,5
A 131 VCA Exponential				45
A 140 ADSR							48, 75
A 145 Standard LFO					45

---start of second row---

A 107 Multitype Morphing Filter		210
A 180 Multiple						22,5
A 140 ADSR							48, 75
A 131 VCA Exponential				45
A 119 Ext. input/Env follower			45
A 112 Sampler/Wavetable Gen		112,5
A 148 Dual Sample and Hold			41,25
A 147 Voltage Controlled LFO			60
A 100B8 Blind panel 8 HP				2,625

Total: 1532, 6, but I'll sell the whole system for 1430€

bunch of patchcords goes with the largest group of modules. the basic frame is sold last. It is sold from Belgium, shipping by Belgian post unless specifically requested.

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