[microsound-announce] Dancecult Journal launches issue 1.1 [includes MUTEK words]

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Tue Sep 29 16:09:02 EDT 2009

:: Fiends I am proud to present the first edition of :"


Dancecult 1.1 2009 Contents:

:: Featured Articles ::

IDM as a "Minor" Literature: The Treatment of Cultural and Musical Norms by
"Intelligent Dance Music"
- Ramzy Alwakeel  

Decline of the Rave Culture Inspired Clubculture in China: State
Suppression, Clubber Adaptations, and Socio-cultural Transformations
- Matthew M Chew  

Neotrance and the Psychedelic Festival
- Graham St John 

Too Young to Drink, Too Old to Dance: The Influences of Age and Gender on
(Non) Rave Participation
- Julie Gregory    

DJ Culture in the Commercial Sydney Dance Music Scene
- Ed Montano      

:: From the Floor ::

Convergence & Soniculture: 10 Years of MUTEK
- tobias c. van Veen

The Hardcore Continuum?
- Jeremy Gilbert

The Abstract Reality of the "Hardcore Continuum"
- Mark Fisher

12 Noon, Black Rock City
- Graham St John   

The Inverted Sublimity of the Dark Psytrance Dance Floor
- Botond Vitos 

:: Reviews ::

We Call It Techno! A Documentary About Germany's Early Techno Scene (Sextro
and Wick) 
- Hillegonda C Rietveld

Lost and Sound: Berlin, Techno, und der Easyjetset (Rapp)
- Sean Nye    

Chromatic Variation in Ethnographic Research: A Review of Psychedelic White:
Goa Trance and the Viscosity of Race (Saldanha)
- Anthony D'Andrea 

Global Nomads: Techno and New Age as Transnational Countercultures in Ibiza
and Goa (D'Andrea) 
- Charles de Ledesma

Breakcore: Identity and Interaction on Peer-to-Peer (Whelan)
- Emily Ferrigno

The High Life: Club Kids, Harm and Drug Policy (Perrone)
- Lucy Gibson

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