[microsound-announce] New Craque on Stasisfield

craquemattic craque at craque.net
Wed Sep 23 12:18:26 EDT 2009

Please enjoy my new ambient outing on Stasisfield, "Wind Space Compost":


This EP is a tryptich of improvisation at different stages of  
manufacture. A lot of the album is free improv, but there is tinkering  
in melodic juxtaposition to provide some rich contrast in tone and  
structure. It features my homebuilt electro-acoustic noise and analog  
synth devices, as well as the original sound of found objects - rocks,  
coins, CPU heatsinks, musicbox innards, ball berings - fed through  
hardware f/x, delays and loopers.

Unlike a lot of what I've put out therein the 'net for other ears to  
peruse, this EP is purely ambient... a wider breadth and longer  
breaths, if you will. I hope .microsounders will like it!


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