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isnaj dui - unstable equilibrium
mountain ocean sun - peace conference

//NEW.TOKYO DRONING (highly limited edition releases sell out very quickly)
offthesky - flourescence
segue - grey (this wont ship until Friday September 18th)

//NEW.AND/OAR (some new, some restocks, some I forgot to put in the
store until now)
billy gomberg - comme
tomoko sauvage - ombrophilia
isobel clouter & rob mullender - myths of origin - sonic ephemera from
east asia (and32/cd)
jason kahn & asher - vista (and31/cd)
seth nehil & matt marble - ecllipses (and30/cd)
osone - passerelle (and29/cd)

fjordne - the setting sun
aspidistrafly - i hold a wish for you

sylvie walder - moments (expcd007)
Experimedia presents the first public release of French sound artist
Sylvie Walder.  Sylvie's 'Moments', pulls one into delicate and
intimate moments in time. Drawing from a palette of introversion,
nostalgia, absence, longing, and "la présence du sacré" Sylvie creates
a uniquely evocative sound through the intimate tones of her piano as
the driving force behind her emotive sonic constructs.  'Moments' is
packaged in Experimedia's signature custom designed six panel
tall-slim pack and is limited to 150 copies.

expcd008 - ian hawgood - the great allure (september 21st)
expcd009 - shinobu nemoto - improvisations #1
expcd010 - offthesky + billy gomberg - flyover sound
expcd011 - ryonkt - small conversations

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