[microsound-announce] [pertin_33] bleupulp - blue grey green and pink (beatport)

Max & Mark expe at madicoinc.com
Tue Sep 1 12:57:10 EDT 2009

Here is my new LP / kinda dub techno 

cat: pertin_33
artist : bleupulp
title : blue grey green and pink

track listing
1- panta-v2
2- panta-v3
3- panta-v1
4- live at p-em 2005 (edit 2)
5- last-v1
6- last-v2
7- last-v3


Blue, Grey, Green and Pink, is Quebec producer Maxime Tanguay’s 
latest exercise under his Bleupulp moniker and certainly, 
his strongest effort to date.

Marked with a heavy rhythmic signature, 
sneaky ambiance and deeply interwoven harmonics, 
the six track EP makes a strong case for a fusion of minimal, 
dub-techno and experimentalism – an emerging trademark sound 
of the Pertin-Nce netlabel.

Casual listeners and Djs will certainly have their choice 
of any of these tracks to linger upon for setting an evocative 
nighttime mood.   (by Jenifer Clemente)

buy at:



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