[microsound-announce] 9. Oktober das kleine field recordings festival in Boston and in Berlin

rinus van alebeek rinusfiles at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 14:46:18 EDT 2009

Dear friends and listeners,

Maybe you were just about to put your feet on the table and have a nice calm
week end.
Well I have good news,
We also have tables at staalplaat working space,
and the right programme to guarantee relaxing but exciting sounds.
For sure it is cosy as well in New England

*dkfrf will be held in Boston and in Berlin at the same day.

in Boston *

Rick Breault, Michael Bullock, Derek Hoffend, Ernst Karel, Jed Speare and
Asher Thal-Nir* *
*will play at studio soto find it*

*at Thompson Design Group*

*35 Channel Center St., corner

*suggested donation $5-$10*
*In Berlin*, flughafenstrasse 38 U8 Boddinstrasse
a premiere of a field recordings movie, sounds from galicia and an extended
framework250 composition will be played,

*names?* find them here

Have a great weekend, Rinus

central station: http://zeromoon.com/rinus
the latest news: http://rinusvanalebeek.wordpress.com
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