[microsound-announce] Remote Provinces + Instant-Cascade-Distant

Thanos Chrysakis azimuths at freenet.co.uk
Thu May 21 06:59:13 EDT 2009

Aural Terrains is back again with two new releases :

'Remote Provinces'

This CD ``remote provinces``, composed of materials recorded in Germany, 
Belgium, and Poland, mixed in with my own prepared guitar and signal 
processors, requires with each listening a process of interpretation. 
They are not documentaries nor are they pure: I cannot imagine as a 
naturalist that one edits out impurity. I cannot imagine that as critic of 
naturalism one edits out impurities. So in some sense it is a work that
 is in argument with formalist phonography yet it accepts the basic
 premise which I call ``seeding across time``. My work is a bit like 
what one might call ``wild-scaping``---allowing urban decay to express
 itself unchecked while nature takes over. It is in this regard I include
 ``technical breakdowns``: wrinkles to remain in the table-cloth, stains
 on the tie or runs in one`s stockings to show through. Some sounds 
are designed to enter the ``center`` of ego-consciousness, while
 others seem peripheral. And yet I have invested equal energy
 in these ``remote`` fringes and I like to imagine the music evolves
 with your environment and rides on a continuum of sound that 
surpasses every rendering and is renewed with each listening.
 The ``remote provinces`` are all around us. They may be places
 of exile but also places of solitude, introspection and transcendence
 but they are nevertheless characterized by ruptures and coincidences 
of attention. Each of us is a remote province integrating and 
disintegrating, emerging from and immersed in empire.
 I have tried to build in sound a sense of worlds inside worlds 
living, at the occasional expense of transparency, transparently.



The continuous presence of the guitar creates the main axis for these
 improvisations that happened between 2007-2008. Different sound 
sources, from electronic sounds to the clarinet, and prepared piano 
interchange roles, swarm around and together with the guitar creating
 sonic and harmonic fields that oscillate between the spectral and the gestural.


Also, you'll be able to listen some tracks from
the CDs in the listening room:



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