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Hi Ben,

Thank for your comment and your careful reading. And I have to admit, you are right that lower-case is not a subgenre of Microsound. But in my opinion, there are big overlaps. "Roden notes, 'lowercase is about a work that sits quietly awaiting discovery, as opposed to loudly calling attention to itself.' In other words, 'lowercase' music isn't so much about particular sounds or particular musical styles as it is about attitude" (from http://www.hauntedink.com/25/lowercasesound.html). 
And since Microsound is a technique or a technical focus, and lower-case mainly seems to referr to an atmosphere / attitude, there is a multitude of lower-case microsound. So it's true that one can't be classified under the other, but there is an interpenetration that is really fascinating to me. So I wanted to include the term in the call. Thanks for the clarification.


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  hi David, 

  On Jul 12, 2009, at 10:14 PM, Daniel Neumann wrote:

    Microsound is a term that encompasses explorations of sound on a time scale "shorter than musical notes". It includes subgenres such as Glitch music, granular synthesis, Lowercase sound, etc.


  to quote the two mailing list pages where discussions around these terms flourished -->

  lower-case sound list - initiated march 1999 - states::: 
  lowercase-sound is a unmoderated discussion & announcement list concerning a disparate group of musics, sound art & listening experiences that emphasize or include some or all of the characteristics of low volume, silence, soundscape/environmental/field recordings, indeterminacy, psycho/acoustic treatments of space, environment & context & possible relationships of this work to art in other media ie painting, drawing & film & poetry. Some examples include the music of Morton Feldman, AMM, John Cage, Artists on the Trente Oiseaux label (eg bernhard gunter, Francisco Lopez, Steve Roden), Field recordings of Chris Watson & visual work by Agnes Martin, Robert Ryman , Stan Brakhage & Andre Tarkovsky. Discussion of particular works, personal listening experiences, recordings, technique, theory, reviews & announcement of related performances, conferences, festivals & recording releases are encouraged.

  microsound mailing list - initiated october 1999 - states::: 
  .microsound is an unmediated mailing list oriented toward discussion of the styles of digital and post-digital music promulgated by the proliferation and widespread adoption of digital signal processing (dsp) tools.
  .microsound is not a "genre" mailing list, since this proliferation has occurred largely without regard for stylistic boundary. instead, .microsound presents itself as a forum for the discussion and exploration of a more general "digital aesthetic" manifesting across a wide variety of styles and disciplines -- from academic computer music to post-industrial noise to experimental ambient and post-techno.

  to group lower-case musics as a sub-genre of "microsound" (in your words a "technical term and musical genre")  is rather dangerous from a historical/curatorial point of view.. don't you think? 



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