[microsound-announce] m/u/g/e/n mini news [mp3 downloads and more...]

Alessandro Canova 021077 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 14:33:55 EDT 2009

A brief update after a "very" long silence:

homepage redesign at: http://www.pachinkostudio.com/index/

[/end] free download at: http://www.pachinkostudio.com/index/sounds/end/

Mugen is one Alessandro Canova, who releases his own Pachinkostudio
label. To date he six releases on offer, of which '[/end]' is the
latest. He works with a limited set of soundsources: sine waves and
white noise. That may sound a bit too much like Ryoji Ikeda, and yes,
Mugen seems inspired by especially the 'Matrix' release of Ikeda, but
luckily enough he finds enough ways of his own to create something
that may indeed not be top-new and innovative, but nevertheless he has
a couple of interesting pieces to offer. Maybe eleven is a bit too
much, even when the tracks are rather concise, but sometimes the
pieces are a bit ambient, hoovering in various frequencies available
in his sine-waves, but there are also pieces of rhythm, and here Mugen
seems to expand his ears to the world of minimal techno, such as in
'[/dub]', which seems to be a pastiche of Pan Sonic rhythms and Ikeda
sine waves. Mugen's sound might be a bit too late, but a couple of
years ago it would have fitted nicely along the microwave tag - which
nobody uses anymore, so that might be a bit of a dead-end. However, he
presents enough variation in his pieces to make '[/end]' a very nice
CDR indeed. (FdW) Vital Weekly

more news coming soon...



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