[microsound-announce] Craque || "Supple" out now on Audiobulb

CraqueMat craque at craque.net
Mon Apr 6 17:10:36 EDT 2009

Dearest .microsound friendscape...

This album is admittedly some of my more "accessible" fare, if barely 
that. ;) But has many details and aspects that are firmly grounded in 
the microsound and glitch traditions.

Now available at your favorite digital download storefront locations.

Hope you enjoy!


     Craque : Supple - OUT NOW

     Digital download release - April 6th.

Supple brings audiobulb back to its roots of electronic improv, eclectic 
sound sources and sheer innovation. This accomplished album illustrates 
Craque's personal focus on experimentation and discovery. Not a release 
aimed to please the masses - but with its maverick grooves it will find 
its way into your head.

Visit the release page for more info & an interview with Craque:


Reviews are surfacing, and Lend Me Your Ears also did a nice interview & 
feature with a free download from the album:



Tanner Mennard will be using some of my music for his performance event 
"Sommeil: A Concert for Sleep", and updates his blog with info about the 
show regularly, including some new video being done. Fantastic 
collaborative stuff, very happy to be a part of his idea:



Also available now!

     XSN029 - Various Artists - Second Statement

"Second Statement" features 15 tracks from a variety of new and 
long-standing members of the Xynthetic family. Yes I have a track on it, 
but I will still say it's the most diverse comp I've heard in a while, 
and all of it musically engaging from dance to ambience:



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