[Microsound-announce] Threshold - Lainhart Performance in New York City October 16

Richard Lainhart rlainhart at otownmedia.com
Thu Oct 9 14:44:03 EDT 2008

Friends: on Thursday, October 16, at Judson Church in New York City,  
I'll be performing the premiere of my EMF-commissioned piece  
"Threshold", for electric guitar and Kyma, as part of the Ear To The  
Earth 2008 New York Soundscape festival. Here are the details, and an  


More about New York Soundscape:


"Threshold" creates its soundscape through a process called cross- 
filtering, which runs on the Kyma system. In cross-filtering, the  
tonal characteristics of one sound, called the impulse response, are  
imposed on another, called the source, so that the end result is a  
sound that contains only the characteristics common to both. In this  
case, ambiences recorded in and around New York provide the source,  
and my guitar playing provides the impulse response. You hear neither  
directly, but only the result of the interaction between me and my  

Recording sources and locations: street traffic during a cab ride from  
53rd Street to 89th Street; the lobby of the Museum of Modern Art, and  
a floor buffer in a side gallery; the lobby and galleries of the  
Guggenheim Museum; a trash compacter in the mid-50s; an air- 
conditioning compressor in the mid-50s; an industrial document  
shredder in the mid-80s; Olafur Elliason's New York Waterfall #4 at  
Pier 35; traffic on the FDR Drive at South Street; nocturnal insects  
and thunderstorms in Rockland County.

In addition, I'll be showing my short film LUX while performing a new  
live soundtrack consisting of the same NY sound sources used in  
Threshold, but this time processed with realtime spectral  
transformations to create a unique new ambience.

Those interested may download my original environmental sound source  
mix here, to do with as you wish:


Thanks, and I hope to see you there.

Richard Lainhart

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