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Sat Oct 4 10:17:24 EDT 2008

History and Paths, Volume 1 available for free download for a limited time
on http://transelectronic.net.

This is the first release in a series of releases that chronicles 'classic'
material from the transelectronic archives. Material in thise series will
include Transelectronic Theory, Sphere, Honetol 14, and early RJ Valeo
works. This series' focus is on mid '90s Transelectronic Theory works, and
features several tracks that were salvaged from media that was expiring. You
can hear the casettes that were mangled and eaten as well as their hiss, and
even some digital artifacts from the old sony dat machine that has lost it's
ability to track properly.

These tracks are very personal to me as they served as both an expression
and documentation of my inner most emotions, as well as a salve to help
manage the emotions that can be, at the least, uncomfortable a times.

I hope you enjoy this personal and intimate tour through the transelectronic
theory universe.

All the best -



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