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Jeremy Bible experimedia at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 11:21:18 EST 2008

archangle - http://www.arch-angle.net
all over the psychedelicatessence
released november 15th, 2008

Experimedia.net presents All Over The Psychedelicatessence is the new
album by Australian sound artist Josh Wodak (aka Archangle). Here is
what the artist had to say about this fantastic album.

"I recently famished an album made over the last seven years with a
variety of guilty collaborators and innocent bystanders in Australia
and India. Being bout foods for the imagination, its called 'all over
the psychedelicatessence' and features the car smash hit single
nucleotide polymorphism 'bangers n mashed pot:ato prac:tice pi:ece
with side dose of delhi belly' - like sounds sound like gullivers
anatomical travels through the psychedelicious good grub gulliver
while it digests the gastronomical smorgasbored of petty boojwas...
The 10 tracks (total duration 45 mins) are highly eclectic, but also
stylistically similar, oscillating between improv, experimental,
electroacoustic, ambient, post-folk, noise, sound-art, glitch and
electronica...which rolled together I call 'eclectrictronica' coz it
rolls right off the tongue. A smorgabored of acoustic+electronic
instruments were used, which were subject to live


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