[microsound-announce] Next we take Berlin: RjDj sprints again on Dec 12-14

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Nov 19 14:54:40 EST 2008

Hi all,

December is the time for the next RjDj sprint: The Reality Jockeys
would like to invite you to the Scene composing session on 12-14
December 2008 in Berlin at this nice location: 

Bluecherstraße 22
10961 Berlin (Kreuzberg)

The action starts on Friday, 12.12. at 12 am and spans the whole
weekend. We'll post further details/timetable etc. briefly before the
actual sprint happens.

What is a RjDj sprint? 

RjDj sprints bring together musicians and artists interested in
working on reactive, algorithmic music ("Scenes") for mobile devices
and do other mad things with sound. Currently supported devices are
the iPhone and in an yet unreleased version the iPod Touch. 

The goal is to create, test and enjoy many new scenes for the RjDj
application.  We know that many musicians don't have iPhones, so we
will provide some devices for development during the sprint. Prior
sprints happened in Bizau, Barcelona and Vienna. Check out
http://rjdj.me/sprints to see how much fun we generally spread! 

Attending the sprint is free, but we kindly ask you to register on our
website: http://rjdj.me or via info at rjdj.me

Please forward this invitation to anyone you think might be

Keep it real,
 Frank Barknecht            Do You RjDj.me?          _ ______rjdj.me__

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