[Microsound-announce] performance: Istanbul Laptop Orchestra/Kim Cascone

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Fri Nov 7 09:54:05 EST 2008

Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Venue: The Energy Museum, Santralistanbul
(click on Energy Museum)
Date: Saturday November 8 2008
Time: 18:00 door opens, 19:00 concert starts
Admission: Free

Information: The 13th Emergent Content Workshop, conducted by Kim  
Cascone, takes place at Bilgi University in Istanbul Turkey.
The participants spent 4 days breeding sound files which comprises a  
sound library which will be used in their performance as a laptop  
Then Kim Cascone will perform a piece titled 'Spectral Space', a 30  
minute soundscape constructed from a sound library he has been  
developing for the past 10 years.
The venue: The Energy Museum is housed in the old Silahtaraga Power  
Plant, which was salvaged then renovated by the Turkish government in  
2007 and is now a center for education and the arts. It is also an  
amazing space to hear electronic music in; surrounded by hulking  
rusted dynamos, huge levers and switches, glass dials the atmosphere  
can only be described as 'industrial surreal.'
The decor is one part mad scientists laboratory and one part David  
Lynch meets the boiler room of a Russian battleship -- this is an  
event not to be missed!

For Directions: go to
and click on 'santralistanbul', then go at the middle left-hand side  
of the page and click on 'visiting' for directions to Santralistanbul.

Many thanks to the staff at Bilgi University and the Energy Museum  
for making this event possible.

*Please feel free to post this announcement to other lists and  
forward to interested parties.*

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