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Wed Mar 26 11:00:18 EDT 2008


sirr is proud to present this new release:

Janek Schaefer
alone at last | cd sirr 0031

Alone at last' is a studio album, written over the first decade of  
Janek's career as a composer, sound artist, and musician. Each piece  
is a response to an invitation. The source sounds are produced using  
location recordings and manipulated vinyl, which are simply processed  
through his collection of foot pedals & mixing desk, and then  
assembled on screen. Anamnesis - refers to the ability of sound to  
trigger mental images in our minds eye. Each new image is unique to  
each of us - and they are all uniquely framed within the evocative  
The CD is housed in an elegant 100% black jewelcase with an 8 page  
black & white booklet of Janek's photography.

Listen at: http://www.last.fm/music/Janek+Schaefer/Alone+at+last

more info at:

March 27, 2008, 22h |  Século | Lisboa
the event "This is ... Sirr" will include the launch of Janek  
Schaefer's cdand features performances by john grzinich, paulo  
raposo, andré gonçalves, carlos santos, j.castro pinto and more.

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