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SOUNDBLOG :: July 28th, 2008 [#269 / sbpc 23]
"Michel Waisvisz' Song of Praise"
On the evening of this year's Bastille Day, in the small 
basement studio of the parisian Radio AligreFM, a ten 
(wo)men strong 'Cracklebox Orchestra' gathered to perform 
a Kraakdoos Sinfonietta: a tribute to Michel Waisvisz, 
the inventor of the cracklebox (and much more besides), 
who recently passed away. 
Listen to our Kraakdoos Sinfonietta in this entry's 
podcast ... 
In the article you find a link to the downloadable 
mp3-file of the complete special edition of 
'Songs of Praise', dedicated to Waisvisz, with lots of 
unique audio documents, and including one other live 
tribute: members of the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse 
improvised in the program's finale from within Second 
Life, on the Patafone, a virtual instrument designed 
and built by Michel's avatar, Pata Mayo ...


Have a great day!
** harold schellinx

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