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**Mascavado pt2**

tuesday, 29 July, 22h
O Século: Rua de O Século, nº80,
Lisbon, Portugal.

Live performances by:

Taku Unami
Ko Ishikawa
Axel Dorner
Masahiko Okura
Klaus Filip
Paulo Raposo
Pedro Boavida

Mascavado second 2008 edition comprises in one evening a remarkable  
set of japanese and european
sound artists and improvisers. it's a joint effort of Ristretto and  
Sirr platforms and with Século support,
that will continue to evolve further in upcoming actions. And if you  
are in Lisbon or around, don't miss it.

our guests short bio:

The enigmatic Taku Unami is long associated with Tokyo's contemporary  
improvising scene,
and having honed his own aesthetic in the city's ultra-quiet Off-Site  
improvisation meetings,
Unami has released several provocative recordings on his own Hibari  

Ko Ishikawa is a professional "Sho" (Japanese bamboo mouth organ)  
player and is a member of the
Gagaku ensemble "Reigakusha". He was born in Tokyo in 1963 and studied  
Sho and Gagaku music
with huge masters like Mayumi Miyata.

Masahiko Okura started performing in public venues around Tokyo in  
1994, after joining the techno-noise band
Dub Sonic Warrior. At about the same time he also formed the band Sun  
King with Tadahiko Kanai (sax),
Takashi Takeoka (bass) and Tadashi Matsumoto (drums). He uses alto  
saxophone, bass clarinet and tubes in
his work both as a solo artist and as a collaborator with other  
artists of improvised music.

Axel Dorner (Berlin) is a trumpet player with a panoramic perspective.  
In his hands, it can sing with all the
glorious history jazz has invested in it. Or, alternatively, it can be  
reduced to an improvisor's "objet trouvé" -
twisted clumb of clumber's refuse, metal tube of given length with  
several holes and plugs given over to
variances in hissing and whistling."

Klaus Filip (Viena), sinewave wizzard, lloopp mentor and enormous  
digital programmer, long time
colaborator of toshimaru nakamura or radu malfati.

best summer regards,

Co-produced by: Ristretto / Sirr / Centro Cultural O Século

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