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SOUNDBLOG :: July 23rd, 2008 [#268 / sbpc 22]
"Mind: the gap (Hommage à Nam Jun Paik)"
Musicians from the impromptu Ana-R chamber orchestra, in divers combinations, performed over the course of two separate evenings in june six times a parisian Sound CityScape, signed by the Korean artist Daily ... We used a flute, a toy piano, a Casio keyboard, an acoustic guitar and an ukulele on sunday june 15th at La Veilleuse; at the franco-korean Espace Han-Seine, on friday june 22nd, there were a double bass, a piano, and - again - Rebus's toy piano. I think I never ever before heard nor played anything as ephemeral. 
" "... As ephemeral as the nightly view of a city from within an airplane flying high overhead. As ephemeral as the view of Paris from within a car that is speeding along its ring way ..." 
Such was Daily's 'Hommage to Nam Jun Paik' ... 

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