[Microsound-announce] New Net release Compilation from Furthernoise.org

Roger Mills roger at eartrumpet.org
Tue Jul 1 01:17:18 EDT 2008

Hi list just wanted to point you all to our new net release featuring  
among others Gail Priest, Iris Garrelfs and Douglas Benford, John  
Kannenberg and Derek Morton.

Explorations in Sound, Vol 3: Music Of Sound is the a compilation of  
sound works inspired by the tones, drones and rhythms of everyday  
life. Drawing on the ideas of Pierre Schaeffers' Musique Concrète  
movement, contributing artists were invited to respond to the natural  
tones and rhythms in raw acoustic or constructed sound and field  
recordings. Inherent musical and rhythmic motifs were then developed  
through live performance, orchestration, or studio manipulation.

What results is an innovative and eclectic set of tracks from invited  
international artists known for their work in this field. It is the  
fourth in the Furthernoise.org series of high quality mp3 net releases  
free to download from the site with folding printed sleeve.

Download now from http://www.furthernoise.org

Roger Mills

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