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Wed Feb 27 06:09:40 EST 2008

Announcing ~ DIY sound-workshop in Munich ~ Constructing alive electronics ~
with Jo FRGMNT Grys (de)

Date: March 25. to 28.03.08 (16.00 - 22.00) ~ 28.03 (20.00) live presentation.
Location: Kunstarkaden, Sparkassenstr.3
Registration deadline: March 15. 2008
Hosting/support: Department of Arts and Culture of Munich.

The workshop is focused on the construction of sustainable, customized
and networked instruments.
Participants are invited to build up to three different musical devices:
~Powerful analog Special Noise Unit (SNU), a kind of
chaos-musical-noise-generator-touch-oscillator-instrument. (It's even
produces FM radio);
~Simple step-sequencer SEQ8 to give electricity certain patterns;
~Mini-FM-transmitter to conquer your proximity.

A radio & noise installation will be available to present the above mentioned
electronics and to show how building-blocks can be arranged in unusual
ways, that we get an alive instrument, which has many possibilities to create
unpredictable moments of sound, requiring adjustments from the
player, but at the same time having a life of its own.

Additionally (if there is time and interest):
~A simple production technique of electronic boards with laser printer
will be shown and practiced;
~Some neu(ronal) surprises and electronic DIY tricks (incl. plans) for
building most electronic circuits found on the Internet will be explored.

Expected outcome:
Live sound arrangement with all workshop participants making use of
newly-constructed electronic instruments.

Participants profile:
Electronic artists and every one who is interested in pushing beyond
the usual boundaries of controlling electronics.

On-line registration:
Max 12 participants


Electronic parts - 30 euro. (to be paid directly to Jo FRGMNT Grys)
Workshop fee - 20 euro/15 euro (students)

About Jo FRGMNT Grys:
Studied chemistry, philosophy, mineralogy etc at the Justus-Liebig-
University of Giessen then more and more turned towards arts using
scientifically influenced thinking to investigate formation of
structure from noise & order, from error & law and feedback as his
main artistic themes. Grys is working with videosnow, electronics,
computers, body & brain. Performs with noisiV (self-made electronics
and video manipulations), TOB (transmitters and self-made electronics)
Since 2004. Grys makes electronic installations & international
workshops since 2004. Lives in Berlin.
http://noisiv.de.vu (the band)
http://tob.de.vu (fm noise)

Further workshop info:

Natalia Borissova
E-mail: info at aa-vv.org
Tel: +49 089 36039672

Organized within [a=v] workshop-series.
Coordinated by Natalia Borissova
Thanks to Katrin Petroschkat for her assistance.

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