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Sun Feb 10 13:14:36 EST 2008

- All CDs/LPs/7"s below are new.
- Prices are in NZ$
- For most titles we only have 1 copy
- Email CMR (info at cmr.co.nz) for orders.
Music Silence Noise: Music Shop Sale


Borbetomagus:  Barbed Wire Maggots CD (Agaric) $18
Tarab:  	Surfacedrift. CD (Naturestrip) $10
Radigue, Eliane: CHRY-PTUS dble CD (School Map) $20
Low Resistance Group (Anthony Guerra, Joel Stern, Paul Hood): s/t    
CD (ParaDisk) $10
Tidal/Peter Duimelinks: Ablution CD (Alluvial) $10
Clement, Joda: Movement + Rest CD (Alluvial) $10
Leber, Brian: Till CD (Alluvial) $10
Rosenboom, David: Invisible Gold CD (Pogus) $10
Space:  	New Music for Woodwinds & Voice CD (Mutable) $10
Bergman, Borah/Lol Coxhill, Paul Hession: Acts of Love CD (Mutable) $10
Floyd/Rosenboom/Sankaran:  	Suitable for Framing CD (Mutable Music) $10
Bradley, Paul: Memorias Extranjeras CD (Alluvial) $10
Behrman, David:  	My Dear Siegfried dble CD (XI) $10
Blamey, Peter:  	Salted Felt. CD (Impermanent)  $10
AM: Small Funk Tantra CDr (Transient Recordings) $10
Spiers, Ben: Spin You CDr  (Transient Recordings) $10
Lopez, Francisco: Absolute Noise Ensemble dbleCD (Blossoming Noise) $15
McPherson, Donald: Bramble CD (Metonymic) $10
Dunn, David:  	4 Electroacoustic Pieces CD (Pogus) $10
Stasis Duo:  	Hammer & Tongs. CD (Impermanent) $10
Gulbenkoglu, Arek:   Points Alone   CD   (Impermanent) $10
Villa-Lobos:  	Guitar Music CD (Mutable Music) $10
Cordier, Eric: Breizhiselad CD (Erewhon) $10
M. Holterbach: Aare am marzilibad mini CD (Erewhon) $5

PRICES (items below)
CD:    NZ$10 each OR AS MARKED
dble CD:    NZ$15 each
LP:   NZ$10
3-inch/mini CD:     NZ$5 each
7-inch record:     NZ$8 each
*email for postage rates
Abrams, Joshua:   After   CD   (Lucky Kitchen)
A.F.R.I Studios:   Room Service (part 1-3)   7 inch   (Tonschacht)
Afflux:   Bordeaux tnt   CD   (Alluvial)
Aghiatrias:   Regions of Limen   CD   (Epidemie)
Akiyama, Tetuzi/Martin Ng:   Oimacta   CD   (Improvised Music From  
Ambarchi, Oren:   der kleine konig   7"   (Tonschacht)
Ambarchi, Oren/Gunter Muller/Voice Crack:   Oystered   CD    
Ambarchi, Oren/Gunter Muller/Philip Samartzis:   Strange Love   CD    
(For 4 Ears)
AMM:   The Crypt   dbleCD   (Matchless)   $30
Antunes, Jorge: 	Savage Songs 1961 - 1970 - Early Brazilian  
Electronic Music    CD   (Pogus)
Arford, Scott  and Randy H.Y. Yau:   Edit for Unconsciousness   CD     
(Auscultare Research)
Arford, Scott/Randy H.Y. Yau/Michael Nine:   7Hz   CD   (Auscultare  
Arg:   Unt   CD   (Sirr)
Artificial Memory Trace:   Orgenviron Throbsine   CDr    (Planktone)
Ashtray Navigations:   "end-of-the-pier" vault   7"   (Tonschacht)
Atchley, Kenneth:   Fountains (23five) CD
Basinski, William:   Variations: a movement in chrome primitive    
dble CD   (Durtro/Die Stadt)   $25
Beequeen: 	Gund CD (Plinkity Plonk)
Behrens, Marc: 	Architectural Commentaries. CD (CMR)
Behrens, Marc: 	Elapsed Time. CD (Intransitive)
Bettis, Chuck:   Sonic Sigils   mini CD   (Scarcelight)   $5
Black To Comm:   Rückwärts Backwards   CD   (Dekorder)
Boe, Tore Honore: 	Suave Siesta. CD (Pulse Zero)
Burning Star Core:   Lets Play Wild Like Wildcats Do   CD   (RRR)   $18
Cant (Jessica Rylan):   vs The World   CD   (RRR)
CJA: Ironclad CD (LVD/Digitalis)
Cline, Nels/Devin Sarno: Buried on Bunker Hill CD (Groundfault)
Cock ESP:  The Pride of North American Noise CD (Carbon)
Cock ESP:   Greatest Dicks II    CD   (Carbon)
Coh:   0397Post-Pop   CD   (Mego)
Cordier, Eric: 	Houlque. CD/BOOK (La Grande Fabrique)
Courtis, Anla:   Tribute to Calcium   7"   (Tonschacht)
Courtis, Anla/Kouhei Matsunaga:   s/t   CD   (Prele)   $10
Crude:   Bank   CDr   (Artless Intent)
Crude:   Music   CDr   (Artless Intent)
Crude:   Sax Serpentine   CDr   (Artless Intent)
Crude:   s/t   CDr   (Artless Intent)
Crude:   Death Satellite 2   CDr   (Artless Intent)
D Yellow Swans and Jim Attieri:   Drowning Yellow Swans    CDr    
DACM: 	Showroom Dummies. CD (Mego)
Das Synthetische Mischgewebe:   The escape of the electrified  
dermatologist epitomises....  CD   (Monochrome Vision)   $10
Davis, Greg:   Gather/Scatter   7 inch   (Tonschacht)
Dauby, Yannick 	la riviere penchee. LP (Alluvial)
De Fabriek 	Neveleiland CD (Plinkity Plonk)
De Waard, Frans:   Vijf Profielen   CD   (Alluvial)   $10
Dodman, Stuart:   You Fill Me   CDr   (and/OAR)   $10
Donna Summer:   Fluxuxs, inc.   7 inch   (Tonschacht)
Dropp Ensemble:   Ingen tid   7 inch   (Tonschacht)
Duncan, John:   John See Soundtracks   CD (RRR)
Erbe, Tom/Chris Mann/Larry Polansky/Douglas Repetto/Christian  
Wolff:   Trios   CD  (Pogus)
Eso Steel: 	Technology of Sleep. LP (20 City)
Eso Steel: 	Galleries 1-3. CD (20city)
Evil:   Punani Shell   CD   (Scarcelight)
Fennesz: 	Field Recordings 1995:2002. CD (Touch)
Fennesz: 	Venice. CD (Touch)
Fibo-Trespo/Anders Gjerde   7 inch   (Tonschacht)
Francis, Richard: Together alone, together apart   CD   (CMR) $15
Freiband:   Flying   miniCD   (Scarcelight)
General Magic: 	Rechenkönig   CD   (Mego)
Giffoni, Carlos/Lee Renaldo/Jim O'Rourke:   North Six   miniCD    
(Antiopic)   $5
Goh Lee Kwang: Internal Pleasures   CD   (Herbal Records)
Go Gooo:   Long, lointain   CD   (Baskaru)
Groult, Christine:   l'heure alors s'incline   3"CD   (Metamkine)
Grunt and Montage:  split   CD    (Monotype)
Guionnet/Eric Cordier, Jean-Luc: 	Synapses. CD (Selektion)
Guionnet, Jean-Luc and Eric Cordier:   Tore   CD   (Shambala)
Haino Keiji/Pauvros/Causse: 	Untitled. CD (Shambala)
Hansen, Mike :   At Every Point   CD   (Etude)
Haunted House:   Up In Flames   CD   (Erstwhile Records)
Hecker: 	Sun Pandämonium. CD (Mego)
Henderson/Callwood/Sanders:   Beyond Reason   CD   (OME)
Hideki, Kato/James Fei: Sieves   CD   (Improvised Music From Japan)
Howard,Earl/Denman Maroney 	Fire Song CD (Erstwhile Records)
Hrvatski: Irrevocably Overdriven Break Freakout Megamix CD  
Hudak, John: 	Don't Worry About Anything... CD (Alluvial)
Hudak, John: 	Helen Marie: Reinterpretations. 2CD (Alluvial)
Hudak, John: 	Sand or Stars CD (and/OAR)
Huge Pavillions:   s/t   CD   (Phthalo)   $10
Ielasi, Giuseppe/Domenico Sciajno:   Right After    CD   (Erstwhile  
If, Bwana: 	I, Angelica 2CD (Pogus)
If, Bwana: 	Tripping India   CD   (Pogus)
Ilios:   18102002   CDr   (Absurd)
Ilios:   Old Testament   CD   (Antifrost)   $10
Jgrzinich: 	Intimations. CD (CMR/Maaheli)
Jgrzinich:   Insular Regions   CD    (Sirr)
Jgrzinich/Seth Nehil: 	Confluence. CD (Intransitive)
Jgrzinich/Seth Nehil: 	Stria CD (Erewhon)
Joe+N: 	Exposure and Experience CD (Carbon Records)
Karkowski, Zbigniew:    It   3"CD   (Mego)
Karkowski/Merzbow:   In Real Time CD (Ytterbium)
Keijo: Palla, blown from here CD (Digitalis)
Keith Fullerton Whitman:   live (at the Tremont Theater)    
7"   (Tonschacht)
Kerleo, Luc: 	Un Clocher. 3”CD (Kaon)
Kodi & Pausa: 	In One Week and New Toys to Play CD (Brombron)
Kubli, Thom:   Labortag   CD   (Lucky Kitchen)
Kupper, Leo:   Electro-Acoustic   CD   (Pogus)   $10
Kuwayama-Kijima:   01.05.10.   CD   (Alluvial)   $10
Labrosse, Diane/Martin Tetreault/Haco:   Lunch in Nishinomiya   CD    
(Improvised Music From Japan)
L/A/B:   Psychoacoustics   CD   (Ground Fault)
Legendary Pink Dots: 	Crushed Mementos CD (Plinkity Plonk)
Lloyd, Dale:		Semper CD  (Alluvial/andOAR)
Lockwood, Annea/Ruth Anderson:   Sinopath   CD   (XI)
Lopez, Francisco: 	Live in San Francisco CD (23five)
Lopez, Francisco: 	Untitled # 119 3"CD (Lapilli)
Lopez, Francisco: 	El Dia Anterior A La Emergencia De Los Adultos De  
Magicicada 	 3"CD (Purple Soil)
Lopez, Francisco:   Wasps   miniCD   (Longbox)
Lopez, Francisco:    Wind (Patagonia)   CD   (and/OAR)   $15
Lopez & Joe Colley, Francisco: 	Knowing when to not know. 3"CD  
Lugosi: 	Dawn. CD (CMR)
Marhaug, Lasse/Andreas Meland:   Brakhage   CD   (Melektronikk)
Marutani, Koji: 	Pataphysics. CD (Alluvial)
Massimo: 	Hello Dirty. CD (Mego)
Mattin/Dion Workman:   S3   CD   (Formed)
Mazurek, Rob: 	Sweet & Vicious Like Frankenstein. CD (Mego)
MB/Siegmar Fricke:   Stroma-Konkret   CD   (Monochrome Vision)   $10
Meelkop, Roel: 	(onkyo ok) CD (CMR)
Meelkop, Roel: 	To Be Announced. CD (line)
Mem: 	It Was A Very Good Year. CD (Alluvial)
Menche, Daniel: 	Drunk Gods . CD (Lapilli)
Menche, Daniel: 	October's Larynx. CD (Alluvial)
Merzbow/Karkowski:   In Real Time CD (Ytterbium)
Migone, Christof:   Sound Voice Perform   Book/CD   (Errant Bodies  
Mion, Philippe 	Confidence. 3"CD (Metamkine)
Muhal Richard Abrams   The Visibility of Thought   CD   (Mutable Music)
Mukai, Chie/Yamamoto Seiichi/Eric Cordier:   Enkidu   CD   (Turtles  
Napalmed:   Never mind the MSBR, here's the Napalmed   CD   (Napalmed)
Nehil, Seth: 	Uva   3"CD   (20 City)
Nehil, Seth: 	Tracing the Skins of Clouds. CD (Kaon)
Nehil, Seth:   Amnemonic Site   CD   (Alluvial)   $10
New Peculiars, The:   Dance Music 2000   7 inch   (Tonschacht)
Nilsen, B.J: 	Fade To White. CD   (Touch)
Noetinger, Jerome/Michel Chion/Lionel Marchetti: Les 120 Jours CD  
Okura, Masahiko:   Time Service   CD   (Improvised Music From Japan)
Omenya:  Ancient Rites   CD   (Pulse Zero)
Omit: 	Tracer   double CD (Helen Scarsdale)
Origami Galatika/i:wound/Inderst Elia:   Monolake   CD   (Pulse Zero)
P16.D4:   Three Projects   CDr (RRR)   $15
Panhuysen, Paul: 	A Magic Square of 5 To Look At CD (Plinkity Plonk)
Pateras/Baxter/Brown: 	Ataxia. CD (Synaesthesia)
Pateras, Anthony and Robin Fox:   Flux Compendium   CD   (Editions Mego)
Payne, Maggi: Ping/Pong: Beyond the pail   CDr   (and/OAR)
Phillips, Dave: IIIII CD (Groundfault)
Pita:   Seven Tons For Free   CD   (Mego)
poire_z 	+ CD (Erstwhile Records)
Polwechsel/Fennesz: 	Wrapped Islands. CD (Erstwhile)
Prurient:   Shipwrecker's Diary   CD   (Ground Fault)
Pure: 	Noonbugs. CD (Mego)
Ray Off:   Ghost Wolf of Thunder Mountain   CDr   (United Fairy  
Moons)   $10
Rehberg & Bauer: 	Passt. CD (Touch)
Rehberg, Peter:   Fremdkoerper   CD   (Mosz)
Reynols: 	Blank Tapes. CD (Trente Oiseaux)
Reynols: 	Live in Chicago. CD (Carbon Records)
R.H.Y. Yau:   Coagulation: Selected Works 1996-2000   CD    
(Auscultare Research)
RLW:   Early W 4   CD   (Absurd)
Rory Storm and the Invaders:   We Are Superior Beings   CDr   (United  
Fairy Moons)   $10
Rosen, Matt and the Dead Raven Choir:   Fire Mouth   CD   (Digitalis)
Rowe, Keith/Axel Dörner/Franz Hautzinger: 	A View From the Window CD  
Rowe,Keith/Günter Müller/Taku Sugimoto: 	The World Turned Upside Dow  
CD (Erstwhile)
Rsundin: 	Sleepwalk. CD (Ground Fault)
Rulla and Montage:    split CD    (Monotype)
Sakada:   Never Give Up on the Margins of Logic   miniCD    
(Antiopic)   $5
Samartzis, Phillip: 	Soft and Loud. CD (Microphonics)
Sandoz Lab Technicians:   Microverse Wallpaper   7"   (20city)
Schaefer, Janek:   Early Electronic Compositions   7"   (Tonschacht)
Schams: 	Erres. CD (Shambala)
Shiflet, Mike:   Xenakis Youth   CDr    (Carbon)
Smarzoch, Raphael:   Spitrobot   7 inch   (Tonschacht)
Spiers, Ben:   Again   CDr   (Transient Recordings)   $10
Stangl, Burkhard/Dieb13 	eh CD (Erstwhile Records)
Stelzer, Howard & Jason Talbot: 	Songs. CD (Intransitive)
Stilluppsteypa/Stilluppsteypa/TV Pow 	We Are Everyone In the Room  
(Erstwhile Records)
Suchy, Joseph:   Tau   7 inch   (Tonschacht)
Sudden Infant:   Solothurn   CD   (RRR)  $15
The Lost Domain: 	Sailor, Home from the Sea CD (Digitalis Recordings/ 
Broken Face Recordings)
Tidal: 	The Four Rivers. CD- R (Alluvial)
Tidal/Chaos as Shelter/Igor Krutogolov: 	Ingathering of Exiles. CD  
(Ground Fault)
Tietchens, Asmus & David Lee Myers 	60:00   CD   (line)
Tietchens, Asmus/Kouhei Matsunaga/Y-Ton-G:   YAK   CD   (Monochrome  
Troyer, Uli: 	Nok. 3"CD (Mego)
Umeda, Tetsuya:   Ocket   CD   (Improvised Music From Japan)
van Veen, Tobias C./Tomas Phillips:   if not wonter   CDr   (and/ 
OAR)   $10
Various Artists: 	Birchville Cat Motel, Eso Steel, Doe. CD (20city)
Various Artists: 	The Nature of Systems CD (Carbon Records)
Various Artists: 	Woman Taken in Adultery CD (Carbon Records)
Various Artists: 	Pas Attendre. CD (Shambala)
Various Artists: 	phonography.org #5   CDr   (and/OAR)
Various Artists:     Kokekomp   CD   (Kokeko)
Various Artists:   Roulette russe pour un peu de caviar    CD    
(Monochrome Vision)   $10
Vertonen:   The Ocean Is Gone, The Ship Is Next   CD   (Ground Fault)
Vibracathedral Orchestra:   The one you call the ghost train    
7"   (Tonschacht)
Violet:  The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming on violet  
street   mini CD   (Scarcelight)
Vote Robot:   H. Waiian Blue   7 inch   (Tonschacht)
VHF 	Extracts CD (Erstwhile Records)
Whitebass:   Depth of Field   CDr   (Mystery Sea)
Who Cares How Long You Sink:   s/t   CD   (Lucky Kitchen)
Witcyst:   Roslyn   CD   (Insample)
Wright, Peter: 	Distant Bombs . CD (LVD)
With Throats As Fine As Needles: s/t CD (Digitalis/Students of Decay)
Yamauchi, Katsura/Michael Doneda:   La Drache   CD   (Improvised  
Music From Japan)
Zipper Spy: 	Icki Beats. CD (Ground Fault)

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