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Just had a lovely review in the Wire that I thought I’d share with the


Susanna Glaser | THE WIRE 291 May 2008


David Newman, of exploratory electronica label Audiobulb, recently put out a
call for submissions for a project bringing together field recordings,
compositional interpretation and digital images. The idea was for artists to
create a “dynamic audio diary”, focusing on a favourite place of their
choice. Each artist who made it onto the CD – Leafcutter John, Taylor
Deupree and Biosphere among them – immerses the listener in found sound from
their favourite place, before re-interpreting this tangible audio into more
abstract and intimate musical forms. 


The varying approaches make for a genuinely transporting listen. Dot Tape
Dot’s favourite place is their bathroom. As expected, the noise of “My
Bathroom” is ‘wet’, with the Spanish group soaking the listener in a warm
slosh of noise before featherlight glockenspiels enrich the sonic bath. 


A world away, a flock of birds call close to the mic on Biosphere’s “Tranoy
Lighthouse” heralding a lonely wash of sound which floats on the rising
tide. Meanwhile, in Japan, RF treats us to an emotional walk to Kyoto’s
Shimogamo Shrine: augmented steps on a gravel path provide the “beats”
before a melancholy guitar plucks out a beautiful melody alongside Midori
Hirano’s gentle vocals. 


Favourite Places brings alive personal memories via geography and sound, the
local made global; despite its geographic reach, it is a surprisingly
intimate record as a result.





1 | Favourite Places CD (£7.50) available here >


Interactive website > http://www.audiobulb.com/fp.htm 




David Newman


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