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I have adopted a new paradigm for releasing music, one entitled "free". I
know that I am not Radiohead, or NIN for that matter, but I am going to take
their lead and do as they do. Small artists don't see most of the money from
the releases that people have paid money for anyway, so, I figure, why
should people pay for an artist's work if the artist never sees most of it?
Well, the times they are a-changin', and now you can directly support the
arts by donating directly to the producers whatever you decide the music is
worth. Hurray for the Interwebs! This enables people to get music *legally
for free*, and it assures that what they do give goes to the people that
make the music. Woot!

In addition to these donation-ware/free releases on transelectronic.net, I
will be re-launching the "long-in-hibernation" io-records, which will be an
outlet for physical media and high quality digital releases. This will be a
boutique label, focusing on small run-editions encased in unique and
handmade packaging. io-records is scheduled to re-launch at the end of
summer, 2008. What kind of music will be released on io? The same kinds that
are currently on transelectronic.net - idm, techno, glitch, microsound,
ambient and experimental. Word to the electronics.

Recent transelectronic items
These are just a few of the many music related things to experience on the

Isomer Transition - Mission to Mars - Trans.007
*[link here: http://transelectronic.net/v2/archives/tag/mission-to-mars ]**
Mission to Mars was originally released in May of 2007 on Jakub Alexander's
wonderful Moodgadget Records [moodgadget.com] <http://moodgadget.com>,
receiving rave reviews on Lost at Sea, and and DJ play by the likes of Ryan
Eliott [Spectral Records], Tim Xavier [Clink Recordings], and Igal Nassima
[LESS, NYC]. This is the first release in the "Behind the Shadow of the
Moon" series, Mission to Mars chronicles the planning of the journey of a
rogue band of scientists as they launch their mission to investigate the
mysterious signals emanating from, and structures discovered on an "unto
now" undiscovered planetoid orbiting Jupiter's moon, Io.

Transelectronic Theory - Sunrise [digital re-issue]
*[link here: http://transelectronic.net/v2/archives/tag/sunrise ] *
The classic 1997 cassette release 'sunrise' is now back, remastered and
available for download. In addition to the album, a live performance from
the same era was found, mastered and uploaded for your listening pleasure.
The album is reminiscent of Arovane's Tides (done at the same time) and the
live performance sits firmly between Aphex Twin and Autechre of the same

Michael Norris' Soundmagic Spectral Software Review
*[link here: http://transelectronic.net/v2/archives/91 ] *
Michael Norris is one of those programmers that has been making software for
music almost as long as Tom Erb or David Zicarelli have been. Soundmagic
Spectral are a group of over 12 different AU plugins (sorry, Mac only) that
shape and modify a sound's tonal, and spectral properties, creating amazing
washes, sound beds, shimmering delays and other assorted sci-fi-ish sounds.
Think star trek transporter and you get the idea. The plugins are FREE and
the link can be found at the top of the review.

These are just a few of the items that are reviewed and linked on
transelectronic.net, so grab your mouse and click on over for some amazing
downloadable goodness along with some thought provoking commentary and

All the best -

RJ Valeo
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