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 test tube news ~ #015 ~ apr 2008 


Hello again!

This newsletter was being difficult to put out... I had lots of stuff to do lately, apart from the tight release schedule which is always first priority around here. But here it is, a small update about what's cooking at test tube's:

We're rapidly approaching our fourth year as a netlabel. July 09 is the birthday and we're trying to put together a small (as in 'really small') festival here in Lisbon with some live acts and dj sets by some of our artists and friends. We'll keep you posted as this festivel thing gains shape...

We're also missing with the 4XT download ranking, but we'll come back as soon as possible.

Another thing we've been working on is the second volume of our well succeeded DVD. Yes, that soon. The first volume came out last year somewhere around April, so... it's nearly a year later and we already have sufficient audio data to fill up another plastic disc. The artwork will be once more selected from century old scientific illustrations, this time aquatic species are the chosen ones. They're almost ready - all 10 of them - and maybe next week we'll give you a sneek peak :o)

also, if you haven't noticed already, we changed your cover template design - again - starting from tube110. I feel the new design is more up-to-date. Sure, it might just be a light case of designer paranoia but what the heck, I like it! ^___^

As for future releases, we have something interesting in our bag: tube123 - d'incise's new album 'Les Restes du Festin' - will also be available in very limited numbers as a handmade CDr release. But more on that when it's due. Meanwhile, enjoy our most recent releases.

Until our next newsletter, enjoy!



As you can see... there's a whole bunch of good stuff to update your test tube release collection! Visit our release page right now!

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