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back from the beautiful city of chicago and well 37 feels just like  
36 so far... except leaves are finally on our japanese maple out the  
window of the studio.
: )

hope you are all well,

a limited number of these & other releases are available via the  
3particles online paypal SHOP:

CD .  "Fabrication"  collaboration with the legendary Asmus  
Tietchens. (first 500 copies come with a bonus cd of material) [ Die  
Stadt, Germany ].

EDITION CD . "Absence"   [ 3particles, US ]  special limited edition  
of 50 signed and numbered cds on lettepressed insert, released in  
conjunction with the opening of the show "Absence/Presence".

CD . William Basinski + Richard Chartier "untitled 1-3"  [ LINE,  
US ]  special reissue of the long out of print spekk cd now with 2  
new exclusive compositions.

also back in stock:  INCIDENCE (Raster-Noton) + RETRIEVAL 1-5 (ERS)
almost out of print: LEVELS(INVERTED) 3 copies remaining, TWO  
LOCATIONS 4 copies remaining, OF SURFACES 2 remaining, AIRPORT  
SYMPHONY 2 copies remaining


ITUNES + EMUSIC + OTHERS . LINE back catalog including out of print  
releases - LINE_031, 029, 028, 027, 025, 024, 023 - available now!  
with links directly to them for your convenience.

EXHIBIT . Coccyx Crystalization (installation with Evelina Domnitch +  
Dmitry Gelfand) @ Media Lab [ Enschede, Netherlands ] April 23-27, 2008

LIVE . Jauna Muzika Festival @ Contemporary Art Center [ Vilnius,  
Lithuania ] April 29, 2008  http://www.lks.lt/fest_jaunamuzika_about.php

CD . Further Materials [ LINE, USA ]  this will collect all  
compilation recordings from 2002-2005 (including collaborative works  
with Taylor Deupree) Spring 2008

10x7" BOX SET . Recovery [ Random Records, UK ] . limited edition of  
500 numbered copies. Essay by Kamal Ackarie on the notion of covers  
and tributes. Artists doing covers include: Ryoji Ikeda, Carsten  
Nicolai, Christian Fennesz, Mika Vanio, Johaan Johaanson, Monolake, b  
j nilsen, Susan Stenger, :zoviet*france, People Like Us & Ergo  
Phizmiz, J.G.Thirlwell, Chris Carter + Cosey Fanni Tutti, snd, Momus  
and Gremlin, Matmos , Nicebox (Richard Chartier & CoH),  Paradise  
Island (Jenny Hoyston), Donna Summer/Jason Forrest, Robert Lippok,  
Mouse on Mars.  CoH and I are covering "bleak is my favourite cliché"  
by Soft Cell. my first foray into POP music... and I actually do vocals.

DVD. Colorfield Variations. with works by:  Frank Bretschneider, Alan  
Callander, Chris Carter + Cosey Fanni Tutti (Chris&Cosey / Throbbing  
Gristle), Sue Costabile, Evelina Domnitch + Dmitry Gelfand, Mark Fell  
(SND/Blir) + Ernest Edmonds, Tina Frank + General Magic, Ryoichi  
Kurokawa, Stephan Mathieu, Steve Roden, Sawako, and Bas Van Koolwijk.  
curated by Richard Chartier. [ LINE, US ]  NTSC. 2008.

SCREENING/CURATORIAL: Colorfield Variations  [ San Francisco + Los  
Angeles, US ]  location to be confirmed 2008. www.volumeprojects.org

DESIGN PUBLICATION . LINE packaging series 3: Best of Disk Art –  
Innovation in CD, DVDor Vinyl Design & Packaging by Charlotte Rivers  
[ Rotovision, UK ] 2008

DESIGN PUBLICATION . LINE packaging series 3: 1000 Supreme CDs [ Mao  
Mao, Spain ] 2008

SCREENING/CURATORIAL: Colorfield Variations. Avmotional [ Bucharest,  
Romania ]  TBC  2008

CD . Recurrent (titled TBC) [ NVO, Austria ] 2008

LIVE . [ Poland ] TBC  Fall 2008

LIVE .  Carraffa Museum of Art  [ Cordoba, Argentina ] 2008

LIVE . Buenos Aires (MAMBA) (Museum Modern Art Buenos Aires) [ Buenos  
Aires, Argentina ] 2008

CURATORIAL . I have been asked to curate a large scale sound/video  
installation exhibit at the Art Gallery of the University of Maryland  
[ USA ] date to be confirmed. 2009. tentatively titled "Data Waves /  
Audio Lines"

COLLABORATION . Asmus Tietchens and I have begun production on the  
next collaborative recording together. Starting from a strange new  
work that was very unusual for me (at parts sounding like an homage  
to my friend CoH)... we shall see where this new direction leads us.

EXHIBIT . collaborative installation work with artist Linn Meyers.  
2008. www.linnmeyers.com


chartier at 3particles.com

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