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catalog number: and/27
title: Wind [Patagonia]
format: CD (packaged in a super gloss digipak with 16 page booklet)

and/OAR couldn't be more pleased to present the third part of Spanish
sound artist 
Francisco López's already classic "trilogy of the Americas" which started
with La Selva, 
followed by Buildings [New York] (both released by V2 Archief,

An immersion into the sonic matter from micro- and macro- environments
by wind in Patagonia. A vast barren space shaped and inhabited by the
forces of unmuted plants, rocks, sand, snow, and ice. An irregular
environment of relentless strength and richness. And above all, a tour de
force of 
profound listening.

López’s Patagonian winds have a ferocious beauty and immensity. Delicate
combine with wild swarms and eddies undergirded by deep bass punches. And
all of 
this produced by an invisible force that endlessly sweeps the surface of
the globe. With 
this, we are no longer in the tidy world of human music, but have entered
the sublime 
domain of natural sound. (Christoph Cox).


Thanks very much for your time!

and/OAR:  http://www.and-oar.org/

NEW: FRANCISCO LOPEZ: Wind [Patagonia]
STILL NEW: VARIOUS ARTISTS: Yasujiro Ozu - Hitokomakura
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