[Microsound-announce] Michael Trommer - new online release on con-v

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Tue Oct 30 15:05:36 EDT 2007

I've contact mic'd the upstairs bedrooms (while the
rest of the family was sleeping) and various parts of
the house, including the windows/backyard.
the idea was to do a live, real-time mix, processing
the sounds of the sleeping family/house, and gradually
separating/ lifting off...first to outdoor sounds,
then to local radio sounds,
longwave...mediumwave...shortwave....then finally to a
live radiotelescope feed.

this idea of a gradual takeoff from a sleeping bed to
deep space is based on a childhood fantasy of mine:
that my bedroom would separate from the rest of the
house and blast off into the cosmos when i was
sleeping...a recent re-discovery of some of harris
burdick's dreamlike magical-realist drawings provided
the final impetus for the piece.

liner notes by Michael Trommer


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