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Sun Oct 28 20:51:12 EDT 2007

Free Ep of noise: Electronic and acoustic <http://the3rd2nd.com/?p=32>

Barry Cullen <http://the3rd2nd.com/?p=32>, also known as
ran across Audiopaint, a freeware program which does a kind of additive
synthesis from image files (http://www.nicolasfournel.com/audiopaint.htm).
He created a series of backdrops, on top of which he added beats from drum
machines, guitar, saxophone, trombone, and vocals. The recordings were each
done in a single take through a variety of analog treatments: tape delay,
valve amplifier, pre-1970s speaker cabinets, a Lorenzo organ from the
garbage, and a fuzz pedal collection spanning four decades.

The original versions were remixed in 2007 for the3rd2nd.com. What results
is a range of sounds from electroacoustic evolutions to pleasant processed
settings of acoustic instruments that might even be called delicate and

In addition to Cullen's three mixes, Weakling and
King<http://the3rd2nd.com/?p=33>and Aln
vs. Cln <http://the3rd2nd.com/?p=34> have delivered remixes. Weakling and
King's track pulls groaning and noisy beats from bew's material, while Aln
vs. Cln's track had "every sound treated digital>analogue>digital to avoid
undue cleanliness."

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